Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The headline tells it all

Check out this headline "Rockets hit Lebanon despite cease-fire". Now someone who just read that headline and skipped the article would probably think that the Israelis had violated the cease-fire and were firing rockets at Lebanon. Of course, as the article states, the rockets were actually fired by Hezbollah, not Israel. The headline certainly gives the wrong impression which seems either incredibly sloppy or incredibly dishonest.

That should be the new slogan of the MSM: "We're not biased, just incredibly sloppy"

Can anyone site an example where it went the other way? Where a headline gave the impression that the article was positive towards Israel but the facts of the article were actually negative? I looked but the best I could find was: "Iranian Biologists: Israelis may not be the offspring of apes and pigs afterall".


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