Wednesday, November 17, 2004

More Election Maps

Via Instapundit, another look at electoral maps at Tech Central Station. Does population density predict the election results? It appears that there is a pretty strong correlation. This map which I received via e-mail gives a much clearer picture of this.

Unfortunately I was not able to find anything about the method used to produce this map but I am guessing that the red/blue color indicates whether the county voted for Bush or Kerry and the height of each county indicates the population. Even with this interpretation there are a few weird things. For example, where is San Diego's population? It should be almost 1/3 that of LA (3 million vs. 10 million). Interestingly, that would make San Diego one of the largest red bumps on that map. Surely that's the result of tireless efforts by Citizen Smash.

All of this gives support to the Urban Archipelago theory that I mentioned before.


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