Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Crack French Commando Force

After negotiating ceasefire conditions that just about everyone agrees were a huge victory for Hezbollah, a resolution that only passed because France broadly hinted (practically assured) the world that they would play a key leadership role and contribute a large portion of the UN peacekeeping force, a lot of people are pretty miffed that the French have pulled the old bait and switch and are now promising to send only a token force into Lebanon. But wait, not true. As we speak the French are assembling a crack commando squad to be stationed just off the coast of Lebanon ready to rush in at the first sign of trouble.

Their mission? Using highly sensitive spying facilities they will closely monitor the Bekka valley and detect the faint rumblings of the beginnings of hostilities and when they do they will establish a beachhead, punch deep into the heart of the country and immediately, unconditionally, surrender.

No, no, no that sounds like the punchline to a bad French joke.

Actually they will be there to evacuate the UN peacekeeping team.

Because nobody does retreat like the French.


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