Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More disturbing Syria news. Is Aaron Klein making this stuff up?

As the title suggests, I'm more than a little bit skeptical of this report from Aaron Klein. You'll recall that He was the reporter who wrote this story about the "Front for the Liberation of the Golan", a story that I never saw verified in any other source.

Now he issues a report that the Syrian information minister told a crowd gathered on the Golan/Syrian border, "If in the next coming months there will not be a political solution, military resistance will be the only solution for Syrians". Again, this is completely undocumented anywhere else on the web (other than on Ynet which reproduced the article verbatim). At least this story sounds a little bit like statements that have been made in the past.

I can't emphasize enough how big this is. If it is true, then Syria is threatening Israel with 1) war or 2) state sponsored terrorism. Both would seem to be pretty big stories. So how come the great big collective yawn from the media. It's quite possible that Aaron Klein is making the whole thing up but if he isn't 8 months from now we may all be scratching our heads and asking "How come we didn't see this coming?"


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