Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Is this Anti Semitic?

Citizen Smash covers the controversial resignation of San Diego Union Tribune columnist James Goldsborough. On Smash's site you can read the article that led to Goldsborough's resignation when it was rejected by Union Tribune editors because it might be offensive to Jews. A lot of people don't see any reason why this might be offensive to the Jews. Now I am not a Jew myself so this may be way off. But let me take a crack at it.

We see two opposing opinions in this column. One says Jews can't vote for Bush because they are too good. The other says they did vote for Bush because he bribed them with his policy towards Israel. So, the author seems to think that most Jews are good (ie Democrats) but some of the wicked ones were willing to put the good of Israel before the good of their own country.

This plays directly into an old Jewish stereotype, that Jews are traitors to their countries because they care more about what is good for the Jews (and Israel) than they care for their own country.

I don't necessarily interpret the article that way, but I do see how someone could. If it were my call, I would not have rejected the article. Israel is an important issue to many Jews and it is perfectly natural to point that out.

By the way, I think that his point (that the Jews who voted for Bush did so because he bribed them with a policy favorable to Israel) is bunk. 5% of Jews switched from Democrat to Republican from 2000 to 2004. So did 5% of Catholics. In fact every religious grouping except for other (which contains Muslims) voted for Bush in increasing numbers. Bush won more votes in 2004 than in 2000. Naturally more Jews, like nearly everyone else, voted for him.


Blogger DOC said...

You are exactly right. I was born in Israel. We came here in 1968, Thank God. We have always voted Republican and will until the end. My mother, a 66 year old holocaust survivor was in the streets of West Palm Beach with the Jews for Bush. She argues with her New York friends about how they can vote for Democrats.

12:41 PM  
Blogger Doug said...

My wife was an Israeli, now she is an American. In Israel she was always fairly liberal in her politics. So, I was a little bit worried how she would vote in the last election (the first in which she could vote). She listened to Kerry during the first debate for about five minutes, "UN this. UN that. Summit here. Summit there." She was amazed. "How could anybody vote for someone so naive?" I shouldn't have worried. She has seen the effects of terrorism first hand, and she has learned from the experience.

7:20 PM  

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